Name: Extra Shot of Pride
Year: 2020
Artist/ Designer: Unknown

Description: Released in summer 2020 ahead of what was supposed to be LGBT Pride Month filled with parades and events this card began popping up as soon as soon as Starbucks store partially reopened at the end of May due to the COVID-19. The ongoing pandemic and civil unrest throughout America will most likely result in many of the parades and events being canceled sadly. But it’s nice that Starbucks was able to get this card out. This is one of the first Starbucks gift card design dedicated to┬áthe LGBTQ community. There has been several Pride themed drinkware and product collection throughout the years but for a card, this is a first. The card is festive with bright colors swirling the background. The symbolism is a nice tie into a a flag proudly waving or a multicolor layered drink.